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August 2021: Adult Readers

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

For August 2021, we are featuring author, speaker, trainer, and member of the Gwawa'enuk Nation and hereditary chief of the Gayaxala clan, Bob Joseph's '21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act', a book that first originated as a viral article by Joseph. The book serves as a guide to help Canadians understand the Indian Act and how it negatively impacted, and still harms generations of Indigenous Peoples today, causing continued oppression. Joseph goes on to explain how it is still possible for Indigenous Peoples to return to self-government and self-reliance and argues that doing so would result in a better country for all Canadians. This is essential reading for anyone who is committed to working toward reconciliation.

"If you're looking for a truly comprehensive critique (of the Indian Act)...Bob Joseph's 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act does an excellent job breaking everything down. You should read it."

- Jesse Wente (quote from Unreconciled, p. 69)

Educational Resources

Check out our '21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act' Educational Resources. These resources are wonderful for journaling, class/group discussions, as well as for book clubs!

21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act Educational Resources
Download PDF • 185KB

Take Action

  • Wear an orange shirt on International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (August 9) and on Orange Shirt Day (September 30).

  • These important days mean justice and awareness for Indigenous peoples. They are days to acknowledge and work toward reconciliation.

  • Make sure you purchase a shirt from a legit site which supports Indigenous communities.

  • You can purchase an Every Child Matters orange shirt from

  • This year's design was created by Shayne Hommy, a Grade 11 First Nation Cree student at South Peace Secondary School, in Dawson Creek.

August 22 is International Day Commemorating the Victims of Violence Based on Religion and Belief. Fly all flags at half mast and take a moment of silence at 2:15 pm for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.


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