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May/June 2022: Young Readers

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Chapters4Change was founded on July 27, 2021. The very first book we featured on our website, and a huge inspiration for the creation of Chapters4Change, was Layla F. Saad's 'me and white supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor'. As we wrap up our book recommendations for year one, we feel it not only fitting, but also necessary to feature Layla F. Saad's 'me and white supremacy: Young Readers’ Edition’.

This amazing book provides young people with the knowledge and tools needed to become changemaking activists as they learn how to dismantle racism! The book is a very straightforward yet detailed guide, exposing young readers, both those with and those without white privilege, to the definitions, history, and topics crucial to anti-racist education. Readers can work at their own pace as they work through these challenging topics either alone or within a supportive group setting.

The aim of the book is to educate readers about racism and white supremacy and we highly recommended it for use within schools (reading age 10-16, grades 5-12). You can be a changemaking school by using this book with students as a way to open up honest and courageous conversations about race, power, and privilege, as well as creating action plans to create more equitable, inclusive, and safe learning environments for BIPOC students. This would be an excellent choice for a teacher-led learning circle!

Reading age: 10-16

Grade Level: 5-12

Check out Layla’s website including the Become A Good Ancestor Podcast which features conversations with incredible BIPOC authors, Become A Good Ancestor Book Club, and the free workshop ‘Don’t let imposter syndrome keep you stuck’.


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