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Inspired by the DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) work twin sisters Janice Desroches (she/her: Co-Founder/Director) and Jennifer Shelswell (she/her: Co-Founder) took part in while involved in a five-week equity-based literature circle (LC) spanning five weeks in May-June 2021, the sisters founded Chapters4Change in July 2021. The original Chapters4Change began as a book club to extend the learning that began during the initial LC. Since then, it has fostered community partnerships, interviewed award-winning authors, and offered innovative learning opportunities to facilitate learning for action toward ensuring flourishing futures for all!

Girls in the Library
Colorful Book Spines

Chapters4Change is committed to the cultivation of fertile learning experiences which aim to foster flourishing futures for everyone.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe in the need to create a world where all life can flourish and thrive.

How We Achieve This

We cultivate fertile learning experiences to equip individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to envision and co-create a world of enhanced integrity, beauty, and regenerative capacity of living communities to foster flourishing, thriving futures for all.

What Our Approach Looks Like

We partner with educational institutions, community organizations, and libraries to offer collaborative, care-centred, and fertile learning experiences to promote flourishing futures for all.

Examples of Our Learning Tools

  • Learning Circles

  • Interactive Presentations

  • Community Programming

  • Guest Speaking & Advocacy

  • Author Interviews

  • Book Recommendations with Interactive Learning Resources

Co-Founder/ Director/ DEI Leader

Janice Desroches is seasoned educator with over seventeen years of post-secondary teaching experience and is a leading advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), serving as the Co-founder and Director of Chapters4Change. She embodies roles including DEI consultant, Educational Resource Developer, and community liaison. Janice's commitment to DEI extends through her efforts to foster community engagement, continuous professional development, and the promotion of inclusive practices within educational and workplace environments. Her initiatives, notably partnering with school boards to create equitable educational settings, have earned her recognition, including Brock University's 2023 GSA Community Engagement Award. Her personal journey, marked by her neurodivergence, has cultivated essential qualities such as empathy, creativity, and resilience, fueling her success in leading equity-driven change. Janice holds a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Brock University and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Social Justice and Equity Studies. Supported by her family and drawing strength from her personal experiences, Janice's work is a powerful blend of professional expertise and deeply held values, driving systemic change in DEI across communities.

Book Pages

The Innovator's Journey

Watch our conversation with Nicole Norris from Georgian College about the creation of Chapters4Change!


Jennifer Shelswell (she/her) is a dedicated and experienced professor, changemaking faculty, and innovator at Georgian College who promotes Equity, Justice, and DIBs (Diversity & Inclusion to promote Belonging). She holds a Master of Arts in Education from Central Michigan University. Jennifer is the co-founder, an educational resource developer, EDI consultant, and learning circle facilitator for Chapters4Change, a volunteer and education sub-committee member for the Advocacy and Accountability Committee for UPlift Black, a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Trail Committee at Georgian College, and the Georgian College Representative for the Orillia Food Committee. She values education as a way for people to 'Read to Learn and Learn to Change'. She is an advocate for mental health, self-care, and wellness and she believes that people engage and thrive in learning environments where they feel safe and accepted for their true authentic selves. She is also a member of the 2SLGBTQI+ community. Jennifer received the 2022 Board of Governors Award of Excellence Academic through Georgian College.

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Chapters4Change Advisory Circle

Educational Resource Developers 

Thanks to our amazingly talented volunteers for creating outstanding activities to go along with our book recommendations!

Emma Charan Greenfield (she/her)

Evan Desroches (he/him)

Rachel Shelswell (she/her)

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