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Learning Circles

Chapters4Change is committed to partnering with with educational institutions to offer collaborative and care-centred learning opportunities guided by the 17 SDGs, with SDG 4 (education) at the core of everything we do. Our learning circles (LCs) promote education, reflection, collaboration, and action toward sustainable change. LC participants are provided the tools to gain insights into how the associated SDGs and their targets (i.e., environmental, economic, and social needs) can be achieved to create flourishing futures for all!

LCs provide communities where participants can support one another as they:

  • share their experiences and challenges,

  • explore solutions,

  • create action plans,

  • take action, and

  • reflect on and evaluate the outcomes.


By reading to learn and learning to change, we can create learning environments which meet the needs of everyone so the no one is left behind.

Group Meeting

 Meet our Placement Students! 

We were thrilled to host a group of Georgian College students completing their placement in the Honours Bachelor of Counselling Psychology program. From Jan 11 - Feb 15, 2023 they took part in "The Savvy Ally Learning Circle" as they collaboratively took part in reading, learning, and discussing ways to become actively involved in creating safer more equitable and inclusive spaces for the 2SLGBTQI+ community.

"Create the change the world needs
by creating change within yourself." 

Layla F. Saad

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 12.48.30 PM.png

'The Savvy Ally Learning Circle'

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 1.27.45 PM.png

"One of the best book clubs I have participated in. The Savvy Ally is an enlightening and useful guide to learn and reflectively re-evaluate how we action our support through understanding the lived experiences of the 2SLGBTQ + community.  Janice and Jennifer were such caring and thoughtful facilitators. They created the conditions for honest and vulnerable conversations and demonstrated how we are all lifelong learners just trying to get it right."  

"I feel that the experience with our learning circle was very meaningful.  By reading and discussing The Savvy Ally, I was able to educate myself on the role an ally plays – not an identity but something you earn with action – and also share ideas and experiences in a safe place with people who are driven for change."

"My experience with The Savvy Ally book club was one of joy and learning! Full of community and love; we learned and connected together in a common goal of making schools more equitable. Thank you so much for holding this experience and I know we will all continue the work!"

"The Savvy Ally book club is an essential experience for any adult who is connected to a school.  You will gain knowledge, strategies and the motivation to “get it right” when it comes to creating inclusive and thriving school communities for our students!" 😊

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