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April 2022: Adult Readers

For April 2022 and in honour of World Book Day (April 23), we are honoured to feature and share with you Drew Hayden Taylor's 'Motorcycles & Sweetgrass'. The story opens with the readers following a mysterious and handsome stranger as he rides his 1953 Indian Chief motorcycle to Otter Lake, answering a call from an old friend to return there. Otter Lake is usually an uneventful Anishnawbe community, that is until this stranger arrives. With his arrival comes a series of strange, magical, and unexplained happenings which awaken Otter Lake and its people…and even its racoons! The Reserve's chief Maggie is swept away by the mysterious stranger, but her teenage son Virgil does not buy his tricks. Virgil recruits his uncle Wayne, who is a master of aboriginal martial arts, to expose this stranger's true intentions.

Educational Resources

Click the link below to download the Educational Resources in order to Read to Learn & Learn to Change with us!

Educational Resources for Motorcycles & Sweetgrass
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