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December 2021: Adult Readers

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Topics: Time travel/ Our ever-increasing consumerism/ Oblivion to the state of the planet, destruction of nature and art, and our ever-increasing use of plastic/ Our obsession with looking good to the point that we will let AI filters take over/ Politics/ How children will live in this toxic world.

Trigger Warning: Extremely explicit content including sexual abuse and murder of children.

For December, we are featuring Lisa de Nikolits’ The Rage Room, a book Nikolits’ calls speculative prediction, which at times evokes the very emotion in us that the title clearly hints that it might. Nikolit's book is set in 2055 where we find the problems of our current world magnified to the point of making it an almost unrecognizable distant memory of the past. The world of 2055 is filled with deeply disturbed people with minimal regard for the welfare of others or the welfare of the planet. We get a glimpse into the future that just might be our own if we choose not to begin to make positive changes now, a plastic world of ever-increasing consumerism, destruction of nature and art, twisted religion and abuse, obsession with looks, all filled with rage which is the driving force behind it all. Prescribed visits to rage rooms act as quick fixes for the anger, boredom, and discontent that plaques the world while hiding disturbing governmental motives at the root of it all. We are taken along on a very disturbing journey through time with Sharps Barkley as he jumps back in time to try to change the choice of his past (killing his wife and kids on Christmas Eve). Barkley finds that his continued regard for only his own self-interests often stand in the way of positive change. Brace yourself for a rage filled journey through time which is sprinkled with humour along the way.

About the Author

Lisa de Nikolits is an international award-winning Canadian author. Originally from South Africa, Lisa de Nikolits came to Canada in 2000 and lives and writes in Toronto. In addition to the books she has written, her short fiction and poetry have been published in various international anthologies and journals. All of her novels have been published by Inanna Publications ( Lisa is a member of the Mesdames of Mayhem, the Crime Writers of Canada, The Sisters in Crime, Toronto and International Chapter, the Short Story Mystery Association and the International Thriller Writers, as well as an Art Director.

To learn more about Lisa, and to buy her books (with offerings of some signed copies) visit her website:

Our Interview with Lisa de Nikolits, December 8, 2021


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