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December 2021: Young Readers

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Topics: Bullying, Insecurity, Self-Esteem, Support, Role Models, Friendship, Self-Expression, & Self-Acceptance.

For December 2021, we are thrilled to feature Sharon G. Flake’s award-winning debut novel, The Skin I’m In, book 1 of 2 (Its sister novel, The Life I’m In, will be featured next month). We meet seventh-grader Maleeka Madison who is taunted by the students in her class because of her homemade clothes and good grades, but mostly because of her dark skin. When Maleeka is introduced to her new teacher Miss Saunders, whose face is blotched with a white patch from a rare skin condition, she immediately predicts that Miss Saunders will suffer similar verbal assaults from the students in the class. Despite the taunts from her students and judgements made about her by other teachers, Miss Saunders loves the skin she’s in and inspires Maleeka to explore her own opinions about herself and the opinions she holds about other people in her life.

About the Author

Sharon G. Flake was a 2021 finalist for one of the most prestigious awards in publishing, The Kirkus Prize. Her novel, The Life I’m In, is a companion to The Skin I’m In, a book that brought a bold dimension to literature for young readers. Now considered a modern classic, The Skin I’m In has sold over a million copies worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages. The novel is required reading in classrooms and communities around the globe. Since its publication, Flake has authored a dozen books, winning multiple Coretta Scott King Honor Awards; ALA Notable and Top Ten Recommended Books citations, and an NAACP Image Award Nomination, among many accolades. Her latest novel, The Life I’m In, has been deemed one of the most anticipated sequels of the decade.

To find out more about Sharon and what she's up to and to investigate more of her amazing books, visit her website:

Educational Resources

Click the link below to download the Educational Resources in order to Read to Learn & Learn to Change with us!

The Skin I'm In Educational Resources
Download PDF • 260KB

Our Interview with Sharon G. Flake: January 22, 2022


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