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January/February 2024: Young Readers

Updated: Feb 7

In honour of International Day of Education on January 24, and World Day of Social Justice on February 20, we would like to introduce This Is Not My Story written by Ryan Uytdewilligen and illustrated by David Huyck.

The story follows a writer and his main character who set out on an inventive search for the ideal plot. Ryan Uytdewilligen, with his distinctive sense of humour, ventures into metafiction and directly engages the reader, offering an enjoyable journey through various literary genres. This narrative provides a glimpse into the artistic process of writing, emphasizing dedication and collective effort. David Huyck's award-winning graphic novel-style illustrations add a rich layer of visual intrigue and wit for the reader to explore. As the narrative shifts through distinct genres, the book becomes a valuable tool for teaching about literary forms.

Let's Read! An Quick Introduction to the Book!

Educational Activities

Download for access to fun writing activities for beginner and more advanced level readers! Explore different genres, your current life, and the story you want for your future life!

This Is Not My Story for Beginners
Download PDF • 118KB

This Is Not My Story Advanced
Download PDF • 152KB

Author Interview

About the Author

Ryan Uytdewilligen is a versatile Canadian writer with a background in screenwriting, history, journalism, and editing. He is originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, and grew up on a farm near Coaldale. He studied Broadcast Journalism at Lethbridge College, leading to roles as a news anchor, TV reporter, and copywriter.


He furthered his education in Writing for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School, during which he wrote and produced short films such as "Tea Time" and "Even the Devil Swiped Right."


His debut novel "Tractor," released in 2016 by Sartoris Literary, draws from the influence of Jack Kerouac and Larry McMurtry, chronicling a teenager's journey driving a tractor across the American South in the early 1960s.


Uytdewilligen's follow-up novel, "Akela," published in 2019 by BHC Press, garnered critical acclaim, including a Pushcart Prize nomination. The book weaves the tale of a sea turtle's life intertwined with significant historical events in his quest to find his lost love.


His non-fiction works showcase a keen interest in film and local history, with titles like "101 Most Influential Coming of Age Movies" and "The History of Lethbridge." His exploration of the infamous film "The Conqueror" is detailed in "Killing John Wayne: The Making of The Conqueror," published by Rowman and Littlefield.


Ryan's third novel, "He’s No Angel," an absurdist comedy satirizing Hollywood and the afterlife, hit the shelves in July 2022.


In June 2023, he ventured into children’s literature with "This is Not My Story," published by KidsCan Press, marking his first foray into picture books.


FOR MORE INFORMATION about Ryan or his books, visit his website and follow him on social media:

Twitter - @R_Uytdewilligen

Facebook – Ryan Uytdewilligen Author

Instagram – RyanUytdewilligen


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