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March/April 2024: Young Readers

In honour of Zero Discrimination Day on March 1 and International Day of Happiness on March 20, we are thrilled to introduce Devin-Leigh Hunter and Carl T. Madden’s book The Noticorns. The story brings the reader into the magical realm of Unicornia, where unicorns roam freely and where a special group of creatures, known as the Noticorns, also reside. The Noticorns boast eccentric hues, unique bodies, and an array of diverse traits, yet they are made to feel like outcasts and are subjected to bullying by the unicorns. However, fate has a distinctive journey in mind for them. Through trials, joyous moments, and unexpected alliances, they come to realize that embracing their individuality is far more fulfilling than conforming to unicorn standards.

"The Noticorns" presents a visually stunning and engaging narrative that champions diversity, self-acceptance, and the importance of embracing one's uniqueness. Readers of every age will find themselves captivated by the vibrant characters and the invaluable lesson that staying true to oneself is the ultimate reward in life. Follow the Noticorns as they inspire Unicornia to recognize that perfection isn't the aim; it's the beauty of diversity that truly elevates the world to greatness. The book tells a heartening narrative that beckons us to embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery alongside these soon-to-be companions.

Educational Activities

Thanks to Rachel Shelswell, one of our high school volunteers, for creating the following interactive activities for your enjoyment!

The Noticorns - Educational Resources
Download PDF • 776KB

Thanks to Devin-Leigh Hunter for providing this amazing colouring page for you to explore your creative talents!

Colouring Page
Download PDF • 812KB

More activities coming soon!

About the Authors and Illustrator

Devin-Leigh Hunter is a dedicated full-time student driven by a passion for science, writing, and humanitarianism. Balancing her studies in biology & medicine with creative pursuits, she weaves a unique blend of intellectual curiosity, innovation, and creative thinking. Devin-Leigh's commitment to positive change shines through her endeavours, as she explores new frontiers in both academic and creative realms, embodying a spirit of boundless energy and meaningful contribution.

Carl T. Madden is an escape room owner and author of several sports and history novels covering baseball and hockey. He has three unique noticorns of his own who are the inspirations for this book. He hopes they always remember to be themselves, and to use their powers to help those around them.

Author Interview Coming Soon!


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