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Study Group

to create flourishing futures for all!

Why, How, What

At Chapters4Change, we believe that our world needs to heal and flourish. To realize our vision, we engage and empower students and educators to celebrate diversity and nourish flourishing futures for all. Our strategy to accomplish this is to partner with educational institutions to offer collaborative and care-centred learning opportunities which provide a fertile ground for flourishing futures for all.

Discussing Books
Book Club

"My experience with the Literature Circle was one of joy and learning! Full of community and love; we learned and connected together in a common goal of making schools more equitable.


Thank you so much for holding this experience and I know we will all continue the work!"

March-April 2024

In honour of

Zero Discrimination Day 
on March 1, and

International Day of Happiness 
on March 20,

we are thrilled to introduce
Devin-Leigh Hunter and
Carl T. Madden’s book
The Noticorns!


Most Recently Featured Books
with Educational Resources

Many thanks to these
Amazing Changemaking Authors
for sharing their voices with us!


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