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July 2021: Young Readers

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

For July 2021, we are featuring Cedella Marley's 'One Love', based off of the iconic song by the same name written by her father, the late Bob Marley. The book promotes the idea of a world united by love and we see this demonstrated through the illustrations of a park and what looks to be a community garden bringing people together. Cedella writes that her father thought a world united by love was possible if we all embrace and take care of one another. This book reminds readers, young and old, that positive change is possible when we work toward it together.

Mom: "What do you like best about the book?"

Lana (2 years old): "The birds, the dogs, and the friends!"

Educational Resources

Post Reading Discussion

1) How can a community garden bring people together?

2) Do you have a community garden or a garden at home? If so, what do you grow there?

3) If you do not have a community garden, but you want to build one, what would you want to grow there?

4) Look at the picture of the community garden and describe what you see.

Post Reading Activities

Plan a Community Garden

Get a piece of blank paper and draw a plan for your own community garden. Label the things in your picture and make it as colourful as you can!

Build a Community Garden

In your community, at home, or at school, grow your own vegetables. You can transplant them in your own home garden, or even better, you can start your own community garden!


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