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June 2021: Young Readers

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

June 2021's Young Reader's selection is Lisa Moore Ramee's, A Good Kind of Trouble. This novel is perfect for teaching young readers the importance of family, friendships, and standing up for what is right, even if it might get you into trouble. The novel follows the life of twelve-year-old Shayla as she navigates junior high, friendships, and the world around her, figuring out who she is and what she believes in. A Good Kind of Trouble is a book young readers can relate to, learn from, and grow from.

"The book is really good because

it teaches important life lessons

about being respectful toward others."

-Evan (13 years old)

Educational Resources

Check out our A Good Kind of Trouble Educational Resources. These resources are wonderful for journaling, class/group discussions, as well as for book clubs!

A Good Kind of Trouble Educational Resources
Download PDF • 198KB


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