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November/December 2022: Young Readers

For November/December 2022 and in honour of International Day of Tolerance (November 16), World Children's Day (November 20), and Human Right's Day (December 10), we are featuring Sharee Miller’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hair!’. The book is based around Sharee’s own experiences of feeling uncomfortable and disrespected when others would touch her hair without her permission. In the book, a young girl named Aria attempts to find ways to avoid the many curious hands that want to touch her hair. The book highlights the importance of respecting personal boundaries and asking permission. It also serves as a tool to empower young people to say ‘no’ when they feel uncomfortable in any situation.

Educational Resources

Complete this fun activity to discuss the Wh-questions about the book and create an empowering sign of your very own!

Educational Resources for Don't Touch My Hair!
Download PDF • 218KB

Download the activity sheet from Sharee's website by clicking the link below:

About the Author

Sharee Miller has a BFA in communication design from Pratt Institute. She is both the author and illustrator of ‘Don’t Touch My Hair!”

Follow Sharee on Instagram: @coilyandcute

Visit Sharee Miller's website:


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