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September 30, 2021: Honouring National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

This September 30, 2021 marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada (Orange Shirt Day), and when recognizing this day we would like to honour Kelly Frances Davis- Heyote’dok, for her dedication to and promotion of peace and harmony amongst people, within their environments, and within themselves. Davis is a Haudenosaunee woman from the Six Nations of the Grand River territory, an author, public speaker, and teacher. She is the Director of Indigenous Education and Enlightenment at Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity, a motivated spiritual being committed to implementing the Calls to Action and to Reconciliation work, and the founder of the Two Row Education Services (

Davis' ebook, 'Seven Spiritual Days', takes readers on a journey of spiritual discovery, awakening, and growth. Through promoting the practice of Healthy Relationships, Ability, Balance, Respect, Harmony, Love, and Peace, Davis aims to help people develop a sense of peace within themselves which is a step toward peace throughout the world. You can access a copy of her ebook here, or by visiting her website at

Download PDF • 1.31MB

We want to thank Davis

for allowing us to share her

ebook here!

Educational Resources

Come with us on a journey of awareness and reconnection to our environments, ourselves, and each other as we spend a week reading and reflecting in order that we can "...make the changes essential to move onto the next lesson or next level of spiritual connection," (Davis).

Using the ebook 'Seven Spiritual Days', you will read through Spiritual Days 1-7, one day at a time, and reflect using the provided educational resources. Some activities will ask you to do work alone, others involve group work. Do the activities that speak to you in a way that will help you to learn and change in a positive way. Enjoy the journey my friends!

Educational Resources for Seven Spiritual Days
Download PDF • 85.70MB

Get Involved

Wear an Orange Shirt

  • Wear an orange shirt on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation/Orange Shirt Day (September 30) to support justice and awareness for Indigenous peoples.

  • Make sure you purchase a shirt from a legit site which supports Indigenous communities.

  • You can purchase an Every Child Matters orange shirt from

  • This year's design was created by Shayne Hommy, a Grade 11 First Nation Cree student at South Peace Secondary School, in Dawson Creek.

Walk for the Children

The 94 Calls to Action

  • Review the 94 Calls to Action on our homepage by:

  • Watching the summary video.

  • Reading the summary of Calls to Action.

  • Reflect on ways you plan to take action yourself.


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