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September/October 2022: Young Readers

For September/October 2022 and in honour of International Literacy Day (September 8) and World Mental Health Day (October 10), we are extremely excited to feature one of our very favourite children's books, the New York Times bestseller 'I Am Enough' by actress, activist, and changemaking author Grace Byers. Grace drawn inspiration for this book from her own personal experiences as a multicultural, biracial CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). Grace was bullied throughout her childhood, and these experiences drove her to want to write a book which would empower young girls everywhere. 'I Am Enough' sends the message to young readers that our differences are what can bring us together in celebration with each other.

Watch Grace Byers read "I Am Enough", then complete our fun activity that follows!

Complete this fun activity to share some of the wonderful things about yourself which make you the unique and special person you are!

The Things That Make Me Unique and Special
Download PDF • 122KB


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